"I believe art should be an integral part of life. I try to give my work an almost magical energy that makes the viewer feel good."    - Stephen Huneck

"If you’re a creator and you’re making art, it’s a way of speaking.
But you’ve got to say what’s true."    - Stephen Huneck

"If you say what’s true, visually, you really connect with everybody."    - Stephen Huneck

"The number one thing that dogs teach us is to live in the moment."    - Stephen Huneck

"I’ve received inspiration to accomplish certain things in life, and that figures into a bigger equation. You have to give to get."    - Stephen Huneck

"I want to surround myself with things that make me feel good."    - Stephen Huneck

"I think art is basically fun."    - Stephen Huneck

"The Dog Chapel is the largest and most personal artwork of my life."    - Stephen Huneck

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News from the Store

New Golden Angel Magnets

May 16, 2019

This Golden Angel Magnet is specially formulated to be very thin while having stronger holding power than a refrigerator magnet.


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News from Dog Mountain

5th Annual Golden Jubilee!

May 2, 2019

Join a gaggle of Goldens at Dog Mountain on May 18th for the 5th Annual Golden Jubilee! There will be a bonfire, auction, swimming, games, and more.


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