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About Friends of Dog Mountain



Our mission is to steward and sustain the 150-acre Dog Mountain property in Vermont as a unique national treasure that honors the healing power of “dogs, nature, love, and art,” and to preserve and celebrate the important artistic contributions of Dog Mountain’s iconic creator, Stephen Huneck.



Friends of Dog Mountain (FODM) is a nonprofit organization established in the spring of 2015 by friends and family of the late American artists Stephen & Gwen Huneck

We believe the 150-acre property known as Dog Mountain deserves to be preserved, stewarded, and restored as an historic, cultural, and artistic treasure of national importance. Stephen Huneck considered the entirety of Dog Mountain – the ponds, trails, wildflower meadows, vistas, Dog Chapel, and other features – to be his ultimate artistic accomplishment.

We aim to fulfill the Hunecks' vision of creating a place of profound experience and deep healing through nature, love, art, and pets. As an internationally recognized and celebrated destination attracting tens of thousands of visits annually, we appreciate that Dog Mountain is a uniquely compelling destination and experience for dog lovers and their families seeking to celebrate and honor their profound relationships and shared lives together.

We believe the Hunecks' joyous, humorous, and profound artistic creations are important contributions to American Art. We seek to curate and preserve Stephen’s woodcut prints, sculptures, furniture, and other inspired creations -- such as the Dog Chapel -- for future generations to benefit from, enjoy, and appreciate.

We understand and appreciate that Dog Mountain is a valued economic and community development partner contributing to the health and vitality of the region. We seek to collaborate with local municipalities, businesses, and other area nonprofits to develop Dog Mountain. As well as the creation of associated programmatic offerings that will benefit the local communities and economies of St. Johnsbury and the Northeast Kingdom of VT.


How We Will Approach Our Work – Initial Steps:

We understand that our bold and important vision will require skillful work, deep collaboration, community engagement, and – most critically -- significant capital. The full vision will be realized in several phases of work.

  • Dog Mountain Facilities and Land
    We aim to restore, enhance, and advance the ongoing evolution of Dog Mountain as a public space that brings people, dogs, and art together as a place of healing, reflection, and celebration. We seek to honor and celebrate Dog Mountain’s underlying spirit of hopefulness and compassion by renovating historic structures and art, improving infrastructure, and developing the land-base in a manner that will further enhance Dog Mountain as a resource for deep and broad public use by the local community and international visitors.

  • Stephen Huneck’s Art
    The visionary, iconic creations that Stephen produced are artistically significant and deserving of restoration, preservation, and cataloging. Pieces of Stephen’s work are in the permanent collections at the Smithsonian Institution, the American Kennel Club, and the Dog Museum of America. Stephen’s NY Times best-selling series of children’s books featuring the Black Lab “Sally” has brought joy to thousands of readers. Collectors from around the world have purchased his furniture and other art pieces. Most of the wood blocks used for prints, molds used for sculptures, and furniture designs are still in the possession of the Stephen Huneck Gallery, but many of them are deteriorating from age and exposure. Our work will require cataloging, restoring, and protecting Stephen’s wood blocks, molds, and designs to preserve its artistic and cultural heritage and protect the economic value of his iconic works. Our vision is to share and celebrate Stephen’s artistry, broadening its availability to the public, eventually sponsoring traveling exhibits to other museums and galleries.

  • Programming
    We believe that Dog Mountain is an important community and economic development asset that can be of great benefit to the region. Dog Mountain -- buoyed by Huneck’s artwork -- has become a nationally recognized destination popular with dog lovers and art lovers throughout the country. National Geographic, Yankee Magazine, Trip Advisor, and numerous other recognized travel resources identify Dog Mountain as a top destination in Northern New England. With enhanced facilities and programming to attract more destination visits to the area, we expect to have a positive impact on St. Johnsbury’s existing local economy and help stimulate additional entrepreneurial opportunities there.


How You Can Help

FODM is grateful and appreciative of donations at all levels throughout the year… every donation brings us closer realizing Stephen and Gwen’s dreams and advancing FODM’s mission!


  • Restricted and unrestricted leadership gifts, including naming opportunities
  • Challenge/matching gifts
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Planned giving
  • Grant funds that align with Dog Mountain’s priorities and needs.

Friends of Dog Mountain is a certified nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to discuss any of the information or learn more about FODM, please email our Development Office or call 800-449-2580. If you are inspired to support our efforts today, donations can be made online or sent directly to:

Friends of Dog Mountain
143 Park Road
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819


Dog Mountain is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit.