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About Friends of Dog Mountain


Friends of Dog Mountain (FODM) is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2015 by friends and family of the late artists Stephen & Gwen Huneck. Our mission is to steward, manage and sustain the 150-acre Dog Mountain property in St. Johnsbury as a public community asset for dogs and people, and to curate the important artistic works of Dog Mountain's iconic and world-renowned creator, Stephen Huneck.

We believe that Stephen Huneck’s dog-inspired art and the unique site known as Dog Mountain that he and his wife, Gwen, established in St. Johnsbury to honor the profound, tender, healing connection between dogs and people are a unique set of treasures that should exist in perpetuity and be of benefit to the nation, state, Northeast Kingdom, and local community of St. Johnsbury.

Our work to preserve and sustain Dog Mountain and the Hunecks’ artistry is guided by the following objectives:

  • Restoration and Enhancement of Dog Mountain as a Free Public Community Asset: We aim to restore, enhance and advance the ongoing evolution of Dog Mountain as a public space that brings together people, dogs, and art. We seek to honor and celebrate Dog Mountain’s underlying spirit of hopefulness, healing, and compassion by revitalizing historic structures – including the renowned Dog Chapel -- improving site infrastructure, and developing the land-base in a manner that will further enhance Dog Mtn. as a resource for deep and broad public use.
  • Preservation of Stephen Huneck’s Artistic Contributions to American Art and Cultural Heritage: We are dedicated to sharing and celebrating Stephen’s contributions as an important American artist. We plan to catalog, restore, and protect Stephen Huneck’s iconic wood blocks, molds, furniture, and other artistic designs to preserve their artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Honoring the Profound, Healing Connections Between Humans and Animals: We will always honor, celebrate, and facilitate the profound, loving, healing connection between dogs and people that we find so formative, enriching, joyful and positive in our life experiences. We expect to develop and support programming that deepens the connections between people, pets, art, and place.
  • Contribution to the Community and Economic Development of St. Johnsbury and the NEK: We believe that Dog Mountain is an important community and economic development asset that will be of great benefit to the region. Dog Mountain, buoyed by Huneck’s artwork, has become a nationally recognized travel and tourism destination popular with dog lovers and art lovers throughout the country.

Dog Mountain Forever!


Dog Mountain is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit.