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Things to Do on Dog Mountain

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Angel Dog Overlook
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Stephen Huneck Gallery and dog pond
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Scenic view of Dog Mountain trails
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Dog Mountain fields
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Dogs playing in Sally's Dog Pond at a Dog Party
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Scenic view of Dog Mountain hiking trails
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Sally sculpture at the dog pond
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playing on the dog agility course
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misty trails on Dog Mountain
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Sugar shack in the winter

Hike the Trails

Dog Mountain is set on 150 acres of mountaintop in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The grounds are always open to people and their dogs. Home to the Stephen Huneck Gallery and The Dog Chapel, this unspoiled haven is covered with hiking trails and dog ponds. Wildflowers abound in the summer and snow-shoeing is a favorite activity in the winter.

For a map of Dog Mountain's hiking trails, CLICK HERE.

Run and Play

Leashes are optional on Dog Mountain. Dogs are not just welcome here, they are cherished. Dogs are free to run, play, swim, and, best of all, meet other dogs. The dog ponds and obstacle course are pup favorites!


Attend an Event

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Fall Dog Party
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Summer Dog Party
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Levitt AMP concert stage
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Fall Dog Party in front of Stephen Huneck Gallery
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Aerial view of Dog Mountain during summer concert
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Happy dog at the Summer Dog Party
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Golden Jubilee group photo

Dog Mountain Dog Parties

Several times a year, Dog Mountain hosts outdoor concerts and unforgettable Dog Parties. Hundreds of people with hundreds of dogs attend these festivities, many meeting friends and returning year after year. Everyone has a ball! Click Here for dates and details on this season’s events.

Music on the Mountain

For several years, The Levitt AMP St. Johnsury Music Series activated Dog Mountain! Presented by Catamount Arts, the summer concerts feature a diverse lineup of musicians from all over the country. Every year the series draws thousands of concert-goers to Dog Mountain on Sunday evenings throughout the summer.

Shop at the Stephen Huneck Gallery

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Stephen Huneck Gallery sculpture and framed prints
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Stephen Huneck Gallery nun and devil sculpture
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Gift items for sale in Stephen Huneck Gallery
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Stephen Huneck Gallery and Dog Chapel exterior
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Spiral staircase in Stephen Huneck Gallery

The Stephen Huneck Gallery on Dog Mountain, housed in an artistically renovated farmhouse, includes a collection of the Vermont folk artist’s original woodcut prints, giclees, NY Times best-selling “Sally” series of children’s books, furniture, and other unique items. Here visitors experience the whimsical, awe-inspiring work of Stephen Huneck and can take home a piece of Dog Mountain.

“If Walt Disney had ever met Rene Margritte and the two had decided to make furniture together, they would have produced something close to Stephen Huneck’s work.” - Art & Antiques Magazine


Pay Tribute at the Dog Chapel

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Dog Chapel interior
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Dog Chapel exterior during a Dog Party
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Notes and remembrances in Dog Chapel foyer
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Happy dog outside The Dog Chapel
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Dog pews inside The Dog Chapel
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Dog sculpture fence outside The Dog Chapel

Artist Stephen Huneck created the one-of-a-kind Dog Chapel to be, in his words, “A place where people can go and celebrate the spiritual bond they have with their dogs. It is the largest artwork of my life and the most personal.”

Thousands of people from around the world visit the Dog Chapel each year. The interior walls are covered from floor to ceiling with photos, drawings, letters, and keepsakes left as memorials to beloved departed pets. The chapel is a place of quiet beauty, gentle humor, and profound love. A visit there is a unique and moving experience for all animal lovers.

Stephen Huneck describes the Dog Chapel experience this way,

“When you visit the Dog Chapel you are totally enveloped with messages of love. It is a very moving experience — sad, certainly, but also uplifting — to see how much everyone cherishes his or her dog. Grieving for a lost dog is one aspect of the Dog Chapel, but equally important is celebrating the joy of living and the bond between dogs and their owners.”

Dog Mountain and The Dog Chapel are free and open to the public. Although not required, to help with the costs of upkeep and maintenance of The Dog Chapel, the grounds, dog ponds, meadows, fields, and hiking trails, we do ask for a suggested donation when visiting.

To support the continued upkeep of Dog Mountain, please consider becoming a Dog Mountain Pack Member! With your membership, you will receive a limited-edition Dog Mountain dog tag along with other great benefits. Click here to learn more.

Dog Mountain is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit.