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In Celebration of a Momentous Year!

November 23, 2021

Angel Dog Steeple

Looking Back on 2021!

We’ve been wagging our tails all year long at Dog Mountain, welcoming our friends (both two- and four-legged) back to the trails, the Gallery, the dog ponds, and of course the Dog Chapel! There’s so much to celebrate as we look back on our busy year, and still so much more to look forward to!

dog pond Dog Mountain summer

After a very challenging 2020, we loved hosting our community at over a dozen events this year including free concerts, dog parties, and our eagerly anticipated 20th Anniversary celebration.

In fact, thanks to generous support from Dog Pack members like you, in 2021, the beloved Angel Dog was restored back atop the Dog Chapel just in time for a 20th Anniversary Blessing of the Chapel and Animals by our dear friend, the Reverend Susan Ohlidal.

Levitt AMP concerts at Dog Mountain Ribbon Cutting ceremony

What's more, in 2021 Friends of Dog Mountain was awarded a Cultural Facilities Grant from the Vermont Arts Council. This grant will help to finance the climate control technology and storage necessary to preserve Stephen Huneck’s legacy art collection as well as new HVAC for the Gallery.

Looking Forward to 2022!

Dog Mountain in autumn

Still, there’s work to do if we want to sustain and improve Dog Mountain for generations to come. Our new Strategic Plan includes a new foundation for the iconic Dog Chapel, new trails to increase accessibility from the parking area to the concert grounds, and expanded onsite offerings such as school trips, bus tours, and of course more of our favorite things: free dog parties and community concerts!

We’ve got big plans for 2022, and we can’t do it without you! Can we count on your support?

Thank you so much for being part of the Dog Mountain Pack. Dog Mountain Forever!



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



"Dog Mountain: A Story of Love, Dogs, & Art"

November 22, 2021

We are so excited to introduce our brand new short video detailing the history of Dog Mountain and the Dog Chapel! It was produced by local filmmakers, Alex Shea and Patrick Kennedy thanks to a Vermont Community Foundation Storytelling grant.

We think it captures beautifully the history and spirit of this unique and special place, and we are honored to share it with all of you.



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



The Dog Chapel Got Wings!

June 22, 2021

Angel Dog Weather Vane

Dog Chapel Steeple Restored:

Angel Dog Steeple construction work

Twenty years after the grand opening of the iconic Dog Chapel atop Stephen Huneck’s beloved Dog Mountain, the Angel Dog has been restored! Your generous support made this happen, and we couldn't be more grateful to have our golden Angel Dog back watching over all of Dog Mountain.

The Angel Dog fell from the Chapel in roughly 2010, the year of Stephen's passing. In the years that followed, supporters and friends made heroic efforts to preserve Stephen’s significant but financially precarious legacy. In 2015, Friends of Dog Mountain was established. Committed to protecting and sustaining Dog Mountain and Stephen's art, the restoration of the Dog Chapel has been a major priority for us.

Dog Chapel with Angel Dog

In 2020, we launched a “Give the Chapel Wings” campaign, enlisting help from all of you at a time when Dog Mountain seemed more important than ever. Throughout the year’s incredible hardship -- isolated from each other due to the pandemic -- nature and the company of our beloved pets was a salvation for many. Dog Mountain remained open and free of charge during that difficult time in order to safely welcome people and pets alike to enjoy our 150 acres of hiking trails, wildflowers, dog ponds, sledding hills, and Huneck’s delightful outdoor sculptures.

In a year of such uncertainty, we struggled with how best to move forward. The Dog Mountain grounds and buildings all remained in desperate need of work, but, with so many suffering economic hardships of their own in 2020, we didn't know if we could accomplish our goal to restore the Dog Chapel steeple.

But, the response we received from the Dog Mountain Pack was overwhelming. We were astounded and beyond grateful by your outpouring of love, support, and generosity. And now, it is truly because of all of you that the steeple, Angel Dog, and the Chapel sign have finally been restored. This has been a project years in the making, and we are excited to invite you to celebrate this amazing accomplishment with us at the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dog Party this fall.

Although there is still a lot more work to do, having the Angel Dog back in her rightful place, brings us so much joy and hope for the future.

Thank you for helping to make this happen.



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



The Chapel is Getting Wings!

May 25, 2021

Angel Dog Steeple

As many of you know, this past winter, Friends of Dog Mountain ran a campaign to raise funds to restore and reattach the iconic Angel Dog back atop the Dog Chapel steeple. Thanks to all of your generous support, the Chapel is finally getting back its wings!

Construction commences today to get our guardian Angel Dog back to its rightful place watching over all of Dog Mountain!

Angel Dog Steeple repair trailer

We'll keep you updated as construction progresses. Thanks again to all of YOU for making this happen! We couldn't be more thrilled!

And mark your calendars now for our big Fall Dog Party on October 2nd where we will have the official ceremonial unveiling and 20th Anniversary celebration!

Want to help further restoration of the Chapel? Please consider making a donation to Dog Mountain. Or, commemorate this special year and momentous occasion with some 20th Anniversary Angel Dog merch! From apparel, to housewares, to fine art, there are plenty of ways to celebrate our little Golden Guardian Angel Dog.



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Summer Season is Starting!

May 15, 2021

Dog Chapel sign

Summer season is starting! Stephen Huneck Gallery and Dog Chapel is now open every day from 10am to 5pm! What's more, we've got lots of great events planned for the summer season. Our Dog Mountain Dog Parties and Levitt AMP concert series are officially back!! More details coming soon.

2020 was a difficult year for us all, but we couldn't be more excited to begin returning to normal. We've missed our Dog Mountain family. Here's to making 2021 the best summer ever! See you on the Mountain!

With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Join the Dog Mountain Pack!

February 25, 2021

2021 Dog tags

We are so excited to finally introduce our new Dog Mountain Membership program! Become a sustaining member of the Dog Mountain Pack and know that you are making a difference in the future of Dog Mountain.

Our three levels of membership offer exclusive benefits and peace of mind with easy, automated monthly payments.

Depending on membership level, benefits include:

  • A free, annual, limited-edition Dog Mountain dog tag.
  • Exclusive, member-only access to purchase additional Dog Mountain dog tags.
  • Advance notice of all new Dog Mountain art and products.
  • Coupon for 15% off a purchase online.
  • Automatic entry into all Dog Mountain contests and raffles.
  • Free Shipping in USA on all orders over $50.
  • Early access to our annual Black Lab Friday Sale.


Your sustaining support will help further the Friends of Dog Mountain Mission and keep Dog Mountain free, open, and accessible to the public for generations to come.

Welcome to the Dog Mountain Pack!



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



A Tail-Wagging Thank You from Dog Mountain!

January 12, 2021

Getting Petted print

Without loyal supporters like you, Dog Mountain’s like a dog without a family, so THANK YOU for being part of our pack!

Thank you for working, donating, and/or volunteering your time to sustain and revitalize Dog Mountain, the Stephen Huneck Gallery, and the iconic Dog Chapel in 2020. We hope you’re proud of all you do to keep Dog Mountain’s acres of hiking trails, dog ponds, wildflower fields, scenic vistas, and so much more open year-round for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks again to our dedicated Dog Mountain Pack. Dog Mountain Forever!



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Saying Goodbye to 2020

December 28, 2020

Dog Party group picure

Thank You, Dog Mountain Pack! Almost every culture the whole world over gathers with loved ones toward the end of the year. Many of us refrained with heavy hearts from such gatherings this season, but make no mistake about it: if you scaled back your holiday celebrations this year, you were in excellent company, part of a breathtaking worldwide gesture of communal goodwill.

Girl hugging dog

At Dog Mountain, we know that the humblest gestures are often the most meaningful, and the quietest generosities sometimes speak the loudest. Every dollar of support from our Dog Mountain family, our wild and loyal pack, makes an impact. This difficult year served to underscore the importance of community, of beautiful wide open spaces, of outdoor art installations, and places we could all go safely off-leash, whether literally or figuratively, and gaze at the water, play ball, or run.

Dog Chapel

Without our usual free summer concert series and dog parties, we’ve missed seeing your faces—and we’ve definitely missed your dogs!—but we’ve held you every day in our hearts. We thought of you as we began the hard job of cleaning, re-storing, and preserving Stephen Huneck’s life’s work. We thought of you and your beloved lost pets as we kicked off our "Give the Chapel Wings" campaign to restore and reattach the Chapel’s iconic angel dog atop the steeple. We thought of you as we maintained the hiking trails, the ponds, the acres of mountaintop wildflowers.

You are why we do this work, you and your four-legged family members, and you are how we do this work. It’s your support, the support of our Dog Mountain pack, that sustains this national treasure for all of us, now, and in years to come.

Before you begin a long list of daunting New Year’s resolutions, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider all you’ve accomplished this year simply by being our friend. And if you want to add supporting Dog Mountain to your list of resolutions, there are many ways to donate, and not one of them involves counting calories. (Trust us: dogs don’t care if you stick to your diet.)

Thanks again for being part of the Dog Mountain Pack.
We can’t wait to see you next year.



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Giving Thanks on #GivingTuesday

December 1, 2020

Dog Chapel and fence

As we gear up for a season of snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, skating, and sledding at Dog Mountain, our hearts are toasty warm with gratitude. Even in the dark days of winter, we have so much to be grateful for, including year-round outdoor recreation with our four-legged friends, the treasure-filled Stephen Huneck gallery, and the 20th anniversary of our iconic Dog Chapel!

On this Giving Tuesday, Friends of Dog Mountain invites you to join our mission preserving this legacy landmark for generations to come. Our current projects include Giving the Chapel its Wings by restoring and reattaching the iconic Angel Dog to the steeple, conserving Stephen Huneck’s collected works, and making several improvements to the historic grounds.

Your support sustains Dog Mountain! There are many ways you can give:

If you’ve been touched by Stephen Huneck’s prints, books, and sculptures; if you and your dog have enjoyed Dog Mountain’s wildflower trails, majestic scenic vistas, and ponds; if you’ve quietly celebrated the life of a beloved four-legged friend at the Dog Chapel, we hope you’ll think of us on Giving Tuesday and donate to help us preserve this national treasure.

Thank you for supporting Dog Mountain!



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Our Huneck Art Preservation Journey Begins

November 4, 2020

FODM Board of Directors
Friend's of Dog Mountain's Board of Directors

One of the main tenets of our non-profit, Friends of Dog Mountain, has always been to preserve and protect the artistic contributions of Dog Mountain’s creator, Stephen Huneck. We believe deeply that Stephen's iconic artworks are culturally and historically significant and deserving of restoration, preservation, and cataloging.

With that said, we are so excited to announce that last month we officially began our Huneck art preservation journey!

Volunteer Day Volunteer Day

Our first step was one of relocation to help secure, conserve, and protect the thousands of original Huneck prints. A major endeavor, to be sure. Luckily our dedicated Board of Directors was up to the task!

Friends of Dog Mountain Board Member, Crosby Coughlin, had this to say:

"Recently the Board of Directors (BOD) gathered at Dog Mountain to consolidate the storage of woodcuts and prints to one of the areas in the upper level of the studio barn. The upper level is a better environment for the print storage and will allow easier access for study, conservation and educational purposes. The BOD sees the barn evolving into more of a role of stewardship and preservation.

The studio barn at Dog Mountain has not changed significantly from when it was active with Stephen and his team of assistants producing prints, sculptures and related objects. The lower level of the barn has about eight rooms that served as a production and storage space. While the lower level functioned well when it was a working studio, it is not an ideal location for long term storage for works of art. Our plan embraces a best practices approach to the conservation and storage of the Huneck legacy."

Volunteer Day Volunteer Day

After many long and sweaty hours, we are proud to say that we have successfully relocated the Huneck collection into a more conducive environment for art preservation. It was an amazing effort by our Board, and a great first step forward.

We will continue to update all of the Dog Mountain Pack as we traverse this Huneck art preservation journey together.

Want to lend a paw to our preservation, conservation, and restoration efforts? Please consider making a donation to Dog Mountain.



With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Congratulations to Our Raffle Winner!

October 31, 2020


Congratulations to Amy Carlton who won the grand prize valued at more than $1275!

Thank you to all who participated in the 2020 Virtual Fall Dog Party Raffle! Your support means the world to us. You all make Dog Mountain possible!


With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Enter the Raffle: Win an Original Woodcut & Luxury Inn Stay!

October 14, 2020

Enter the Raffle Enter the Raffle Enter the Raffle


Dog Mountain is holding a raffle drawing for an amazing grand prize valued at more than $1275!

The raffle drawing will take place on October 31st. All raffle proceeds go to support and sustain Dog Mountain. If not present, the winner will be notified by email. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets purchased!

The Winner Receives:


    Enjoy a luxury midweek, overnight, stay with a full gourmet breakfast at the Rabbit Hill Inn.

    Rated one of the 100 top hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Rabbit Hill Inn is lauded for not only its fine accommodations, but also its brilliant service, unparalleled warm hospitality, outstanding innovative cuisine, and comfortably relaxing environs, including a cozy full-service Irish-style pub. With glorious views of the White Mountains, this relaxing getaway is only 15 minutes from Dog Mountain.

    Stay in one of the seven Superior Rooms. Each is spacious and elegantly appointed and includes a working fireplace. In the morning, enjoy a full gourmet breakfast in their award-winning restaurant.

    Value: $285


    The winner also takes home the Stephen Huneck signed and framed, original woodcut print: “What a Ball

    Woodcuts are original, handmade, limited edition, fine art numbered prints. All Stephen Huneck woodcut prints were made using Stephen's original hand-carved woodblocks and the printing press here on Dog Mountain. Each was printed during the artist's lifetime, under his supervision. Stephen loved woodcut prints because they retain the unique imprint of the texture and grain of the wood. He believed this brought a special energy to the art. All Stephen Huneck woodcuts are limited-quantity originals and a piece of American folk art history.

    Value: $990


    Local Vermont businesses, Makin Maple and Sweet Seasons have generously donated a gift package for the lucky winner!

    Value: $85



Thank you for your support! You make Dog Mountain possible!

With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



Virtual Dog Contests!

October 1, 2020

Virtual Dog Contests


Each spring, summer, and fall, the Dog Mountain grounds come alive as scores of visitors enjoy music, food, laughter, and games during one our beloved Dog Parties. Hundreds of dogs run the fields, swim the ponds, explore the trails, play with friends, and compete in the unforgettable Dog Contests. These joyful events are truly like no other!

2020 has also been a YEAR like no other. The worldwide pandemic has altered the daily lives of every person on this planet. It has certainly been an unprecedented and challenging year for Dog Mountain. This year, for the first time ever, Dog Mountain has had to cancel all three of our scheduled Dog Parties. Although we are devastated not to see all of the Dog Mountain Pack Members in person, your safety is always our number one priority.

As we traverse this new normal, we have to adapt, innovate, and perhaps even find ways to extend a little of that Dog Party magic on a virtual level...

Which leads us to an exciting announcement. For the first time ever, Dog Mountain's Dog Contests have gone virtual!


Best Pet/Person Lookalike Contest Button Best Pet Halloween Costume Contest Button Best Dog Trick Contest Button


With three online categories to choose from, enter and/or vote in one, two, or all three!

The contests run until October 17, 2020 at 12:30pm ET. You can vote for each contest once daily. The winners will take home a certificate, prize, bragging rights, and will be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

Dog Mountain Forever!


Thank you for your support! You make Dog Mountain possible!

With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



GRAND REOPENING - Saturday, May 23rd!

May 21, 2020

Dog Chapel during Dog Party


Dog Mountain Plans to Keep You Safe - Now that Vermont is slowly opening back up, so too is Dog Mountain! And, what better time? The weather has been beautiful and we're looking forward to seeing the Dog Mountain Pack again!

We're happy to announce that Stephen Huneck Gallery, the Dog Chapel, and the Dog Mountain grounds will officially reopen Saturday, May 23rd.


Dog Chapel and Stephen Huneck Gallery


In order to keep Dog Mountain staff and visitors safe during this time, we have implemented some additional rules. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. The new rules are as follows:

Stephen Huneck Gallery:

  • 8-Person Max: As required by the state of Vermont, a maximum of eight customers are allowed inside the Gallery at any one time.
  • Masks Are Required: Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times when inside the Gallery.
  • Keep 6 Feet of Distance: Please stay six feet away from other people when inside the Gallery.
  • No Dogs Allowed Inside: For the safety of pooches and people, dogs need to remain outdoors at this time.
  • Bathroom For Customer Use Only: We will have portalets on the grounds for your usage.

Dog Chapel:

  • 3-Person Max: As required by the state of Vermont, a maximum of three people are allowed inside the Dog Chapel at any one time.
  • Masks Are Required: Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times when inside the Dog Chapel.
  • Keep 6 Feet of Distance: Please stay six feet away from other people when inside the Dog Chapel.
  • No Dogs Allowed Inside: For the safety of pups and people, dogs need to remain outside at this time.

Dog Mountain Grounds:

  • Masks Are Recommended: Masks covering the nose and mouth are recommended when near other people.
  • Keep 6 Feet of Distance: Please stay six feet away from other people whenever possible.
  • Consider Leashing Your Dog: To help maintain social distancing, we encourage you to leash your dog at this time.
  • Keep Dog Mountain Clean: Please pick up after yourself and your dog.

We know these new rules might feel slightly awkward at first, but all we want is to keep you and staff safe while you enjoy everything Dog Mountain has to offer. With your help and cooperation, we know this will be a smooth transition. See you soon at Dog Mountain!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support during this trying time. With your help we know Dog Mountain will make it through 2020. Dog Mountain Forever!


Thank you for your support! You make Dog Mountain possible!

With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack



2020 - Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Dog Chapel in Difficult Times

May 8, 2020

Inside the Dog Chapel


2020 - what a year it has been so far. Just a few months ago, few of us could have imagined where we find ourselves today. 2020 was intended to be a year of historic celebration for Dog Mountain. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Stephen Huneck’s greatest and most personal artwork, the Dog Chapel. But, in these harrowing times, it can be difficult to feel celebratory. It’s hard to balance the sadness and fear we feel at Dog Mountain with what should have been a year of great joy. Stephen and Gwen Huneck As we navigate this “new normal,” we at Dog Mountain have had to do a lot of soul-searching on how best to move forward. We’ve thought a lot about the Dog Chapel, what it meant to Stephen and Gwen, what it means to us, and, most importantly, what it means to all of you. And we’ve come to a heartwarming realization: the world needs places like the Dog Chapel now more than ever! Though these are difficult times for Dog Mountain and for us all, we’ve chosen to move forward with a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Dog Chapel.

The story of the Dog Chapel is one of adversity, perseverance, and hope. Initially conceived of after Stephen faced a near-death experience and awoke from a months-long coma, Stephen spent the next several years enduring physical, creative, emotional, and financial hardship in order to turn his Dog Chapel dream into a reality. Finally, in 2000, the Dog Chapel was introduced to the world as a symbol of peace, love, and remembrance. In the 20 years since, it has been transformed into a living piece of communal art and history, ever-evolving with each new note and photo pinned to the overflowing walls. The Chapel has become a unique and moving physical embodiment of the unending love people have to give. In these times especially, places like the Dog Chapel deserve to be celebrated and cherished.

Just as the Dog Chapel is constantly evolving, so must our plans for 2020. Although we can no longer say with certainty what form our 20th anniversary celebration will take, we want to invite you to join us on this commemorative journey! We already have lots of exciting things planned. To start, we’re proud to introduce our new 2020 anniversary commemorative dog tags. These tags are limited-edition collector’s items and are a great way to show both your love for the Dog Chapel and support for Dog Mountain!

2020 Dog Tags

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support during this trying time. With your help we know Dog Mountain will make it through 2020. Dog Mountain Forever!



Thank you for your support! You make Dog Mountain possible!

With love and gratitude,

The Dog Mountain Pack


Dog Mountain is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit.