"I believe art should be an integral part of life. I try to give my work an almost magical energy that makes the viewer feel good."    - Stephen Huneck

"If you’re a creator and you’re making art, it’s a way of speaking.
But you’ve got to say what’s true."    - Stephen Huneck

"If you say what’s true, visually, you really connect with everybody."    - Stephen Huneck

"The number one thing that dogs teach us is to live in the moment."    - Stephen Huneck

"I’ve received inspiration to accomplish certain things in life, and that figures into a bigger equation. You have to give to get."    - Stephen Huneck

"I want to surround myself with things that make me feel good."    - Stephen Huneck

"I think art is basically fun."    - Stephen Huneck

"The Dog Chapel is the largest and most personal artwork of my life."    - Stephen Huneck

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News from Stephen Huneck Gallery

New Mats for Summer

May 27, 2020

CWe're bringing back two fan-favorite doormats for summer including our Day at the Beach Mat and Beware of Dog Mat!


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News from Dog Mountain

Grand Reopening!

May 21, 2020

Now that Vermont is slowly opening back up, so too is Dog Mountain! And, what better time? The weather has been beautiful and we're looking forward to seeing the Dog Mountain Pack again!

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