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Dog Mountain Rules & Safety


Park Rules:

Friends of Dog Mountain, Inc. welcomes you to bring your dog to the Dog Mountain property free of charge, for your recreational use and enjoyment. We ask that you abide by the following rules:

  1. Dogs 6 months or older must be currently licensed and vaccinated against rabies, as required by Vermont law.
  2. You are responsible for your dog's behavior.
  3. Please keep your dog in sight, and under control at all times.
  4. Dogs who behave aggressively are not allowed.
  5. In the event of a dog behaving aggressively, please report the behavior to a staff person and identify the aggressive dog. If a staff member is not present, please fill out an incident report herehere.
  6. Please pick up after your dog and fill any holes your dog digs.
  7. Please keep your dog on leash while in the road or in the parking lot.

By entering the Dog Mountain property, you agree to abide by these rules, and you acknowledge Friends of Dog Mountain, Inc. is protected under Vermont law from liability for harm to you or your dog during your recreational use of the Dog Mountain property.


Tips to Prevent Injury:


  • Make sure your dog has good recall. Practice “Come" when called, “Sit”, and “Leave it” with your dog regularly.
  • Never bring a sick or hurting dog to Dog Mountain - this can increase aggression.
  • Be polite and respectful when confronting an owner about their dog’s behavior.
  • Be willing to leave the park if your dog is being too rough.


  • Always keep a mindful eye on your dog.
  • Watch your dog’s body language and look for cues of stress or fearfulness.
  • Step in and give your dog a time-out before play gets rough.
  • When other dogs are fighting, call your dog quietly and keep out of the scuffle.


  • Stay calm - many scuffles are loud arguments that resolve themselves quickly.
  • NEVER put yourself in the middle of a dog fight.
  • Do NOT reach for your dog’s collar - you could be bitten and seriously injured.
  • Try to distract or confuse the fighting dogs temporarily if attempting to separate. Make loud noises, spray water, or throw a blanket or jacket on top of their heads.
  • Use caution when handling your dog after a fight - lingering fear or pain can make dogs act aggressively towards you.


Incident Report:

We take the safety of dogs and park users very seriously. If you or your dog ever feel uncomfortable at Dog Mountain, it's always good practice to leave the grounds.

We understand that incidents happen, even when both parties are carefully watching their dogs. Whenever a dog or person is injured, we appreciate you filing an incident report for our records. FODM will intervene in the case of serious injury or if multiple incident reports have been filed against an individual, but only if that individual is able to be identified. For that reason, we recommend exchanging contact information with the other dog's handler, but ONLY if you feel safe & comfortable doing so.

For emergencies, please call 911. Submitting an incident report here is not a substitute for filing a police report.

Dog Mountain is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit.